Play, au naturel Stella Artois Unfiltered

To celebrate the launch of the new Stella Artois Unfiltered and to reach an audience (Gen Z) Stella wasn’t able to reach before, we set out celebrate naked freedom in the gaming world in a world’s first activation.

Since the 2000s, Sims has had a long history of nudity. In fact, 52% Sims players admitted getting naked in Sims is their favourite thing in the game but 44% feel shame when playing.

Last year Stella released a TV ad where we saw a naked waiter deliver a beer to a village who live life au Naturel, this year we recreated this ad in the world’s first playable TV ad in the Sims. Together with 2 creators, we reimagined it as a gaming experience to allow anyone to proudly play, au Naturel and live life as natural as the beer they drink through a Sims map build and downloadable custom content.

As well as the experience, we created a limited edition Unfiltered gift-box, a Snapchat lens, and most importantly a Stella mod that allowed any Sims players to add Stella Unfiltered into their own world.

Being au naturel and a beer brand turned a few too many heads and a campaign made to encourage gamers to be unfiltered and free, unfortunately got filtered. Before we got filtered, the early release reached Adweek, Campaign, PRweek, SimsCommunity, MobileMarketing, Marcomm News, Talking Retail and other media outlets in Germany, France, Thailand and Spain.

Contact me to view the project unfiltered.

Role: Creative Lead