SheSays London Side Hustle

SheSays is an award-winning global non-profit organisation focused on the engagement, education and advancement of women in the creative industries.

Since joining as Head of Social early 2019, I was able to shape the tone of voice on social across 4 platforms whist working closely with the lead designer. Working closely together we were able to create several always on content series with a distinctive style. This in turn created the voice for all campaigns ran and expanded the organisation’s awareness.

Since 2019, I’ve involved myself in almost every campaign supporting each one on social and digital. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this amazing organisation, to be surrounded by supportive and open women that pushes each other to be better.

For IWD 2022, the ex-president Joyce Kremer and I also collaborated with the Design Museum on an event to help more creatives break into the industry through a panel discussion and workshop. The event was featured in TimeOut.

Role: Head of Social and (occasional) designer